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Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Mission Statement

At Beachbody, we are committed to fighting for equality, growing our diversity, and holding ourselves accountable for inclusion. Just as our employees, coaches, and partners commit to helping people achieve their goals, we are committed to achieving our goal of creating a culture of holistic acceptance and belonging.

As a current or prospective Beachbody employee, we celebrate and value all aspects of your identity, or as we call it, the Whole You:

We want you to feel safe to be the Whole You – your authentic self – without concern of discrimination, retaliation, or bias. Why is this so important to us? Because inclusion is at the very foundation of our mission to help all people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives, and positive, inclusive collaboration is what gives that mission heart. Here are just a few of the actions Beachbody is taking to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion:
  • Proactively sourcing and attracting diverse talent through community outreach;
  • Posting open positions on niche diversity job boards;
  • Attending diversity career fairs;
  • Sponsoring both local colleges and universities, as well as historically black colleges;
  • Partnering with local diversity networks; and
  • Implementing robust diversity, equity, and inclusion training to support an environment of belonging.
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